Impact Of The iPhone On Business

Impact Of The iPhone On Business

The iphone is an awesome expansion in the ability for individuals to communicate. While some may dismiss the advent of the iphone as a common electronics leisure item designed to appeal to those with a need for high tech ‘toys’, the reality of the matter is that the expansion of any form of communicative device has great potential beyond mere leisure and can contribute greatly to the infrastructure of the economic stability of a nation.

Now, this may seem on the surface to be a bold statement, but in reality it is a somewhat reserved statement considering the fact that all we need to due is look at human history to see how tremendous the impact of the advent of communications devices. In the 1860’s, people learned of the Lincoln/Douglas debates by their reprinting of their words in newspapers. Now, what is more effective – reprinting speeches in a newspaper or watching the speeches unfold on television.

Then again, look at television for that matter. Once considered an obscene leisure item that offered little value, television is now the primary means (for better or for worse) in which people receive their news and information. The advent and expansion of any form of communicative device can have a huge impact. When a device such as the iphone comes along and dramatically combines separate (and formerly bulky) communications devices into one package, the impact can not be anything less that wildly dramatic.

A business needs to move quickly in order to maximize its profit potential. In other words, anything that contributes to lag time or a slowing down of the ability of a business to move about its, well, business keeps the business from driving its resources towards where it will generate maximum income.

For example, relying on receiving snail mail letters for important requested information is far, far less than desirable than email because the wait time on reception of a letter can be three days while a email is delivered in split seconds. There is not comparison between the two. With snail mail, up to three days of productivity can be lost. With the iphone and its resultant impact, the ability to speed up productivity is significantly magnified. As such, the impact of the iphone on business can never be underestimated and in a short amount of time the massive positive effects of it on businesses will clearly become self apparent. In that regard, the iphone clearly endorses it self quite well in terms of stimulating purchasing interest.

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